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100 Characters Answer Key

Remember back on Halloween we posted Andy Ristaino’s 100th episode artwork featuring as many Adventure Time characters for you to name? Here’s his answer key.

1. finn 2. jake 3. princess bubblegum 4. lady rainicorn 5. flame princess 6. ricardio 7. the lich / snail 8. neptr 9. flambo 10. wormo 11. bufo 12. marceline 13. mannish man 14. keyper 15. turtle princess 16. beemo / bmo 17. peppermint butler 18. tree trunks 19. mr. pig 20. shelby 21. ice king 22. a dancing bug 23. gunter 24. bananaman 25. slime princess 26. stanley the watermelon 27. the jiggler 28. hot dog princess 29. mr fox 30. mr cupcake 31. the royal tart toter 32. creepy deer / stag 33. muscle princess 34. dr princess 35. earl of lemongrab 36. whisper dan 37. starchy 38. cinnamon bun 39. abracadaniel 40. cuber 41. susan strong 42. choose goose 43. death 44. phil 45. princess cookie / babysnaps 46. party pat 47. snow golem 48. fire / flame wolf pup 49. duchess of nuts 50. magic man 51. head marauder 52. mr candy cane (what #) 53. duke of nuts 54. lazer wizard 55. wolf 56. the train 57. donny 58. scorcher 59. goliad 60. memow 61. penny 62. tiffany 63. blastronaut 64. flame king 65. earclops 66. party god 67. lump space princess / lsp 68. crystal guardian 69. abraham lincoln 70. dr. ice cream 71. ethel rainicorn 72. ash 73. bob rainicorn 74. stormo 75. cake 76. xergiok 77. king worm / worm king 78. pan 79. fionna 80. globgobgrobgrod 81. hug wolf 82. blood demon 83. joshua 84. door lord 85. billy 86. forest wizard 87. elder river scamp 88. the cosmic owl 89. paper pete 90. clarence 91. ghost princess 92. ancient psychic tandem war elephant 93. prince huge 94. hunson abbadeer 95. lollypop girl 96. huntress wizard 97. banana guard 98. celina the hyooman 99. a dragon 100. a two headed duck

How’d you do?


Wonderful fan art from a pretty popular episode.


It’s just you and me in the wreckage of the world.
That must be so confusing for a little girl.
And I know you you’re going to need me here with you,
But, I’m losing myself and I’m afraid you’re gonna lose me, too

This magic keeps me alive,
But, it’s making me crazy.
And, I need to save you
But, who’s going to save me?
Please forgive me for whatever I do,
When I don’t remember you…

Last night’s Adventure Time gave me all of the sads, I had to draw something.


Ladies are twisty, man.

(Source: ritaroara)


They come every day at 4:00 p.m. on the dot.

Science Cat and Shark, by request.


Gunter Piano

If you play the piano - or any sort of keyboard, really, - this Mighty Fine shirt is for you. And for those of us who don’t, there’s a back-up.


Adventure Time Boxers & Sleep Tanks Available Now

If there were any remaining reasons for you to still wear pants in public, Mighty Fine has now rendered them null and void.

Finn Boxers

Jake Boxers

Finn Sleep Tank

Jake Sleep Tank

Lumpy Space Princess Sleep Tank

And the person you’d most like to see in these boxers/nighties is?


Marceline, Vampire Queen

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Gorgeous stop motion animated version of the Dark Knight Rises trailer done with toys

But not just any toys, Hot Toys figures, known for their incredible quality and life-like-ness. 



Is this new? It is to us.


adventure time (girls) in powerpuff version 

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